February 25, 2006

Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone, the democratically elected mayor of London, has been suspended by a group of bureaucrats. Personally I could easily see how his remarks where anti-semitic, especially as he had already been told that the reporter was a Jew. They should be an issue at the next time he faces election, but that should not mean that he should loose his elected position because of them on the say so of a group of bureaucrats.

1. it is an infringement of his right to (drunken and insulting) speech.
2. it sets a dangerous precedent as to who rules the country. Are politicians accountable to their electors, or the bureaucrats.

Europhobia has more. As does Notes from a Small Bedroom who points out the reason given for setting up the body that suspended Livingstone (fraud), and what it has been actually used for (harassing political opponents).


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